Welcome to SLE Sustainability…

…Your virtual support for a wide range of activities related to sustainability, social responsibility and the environment.

Many sustainability and corporate social responsibility teams, whatever their size, sometimes need an extra pair of hands or a fresh set of eyes for a variety of reasons – whether it be support for a stakeholder event, proofreading an annual CSR report or ensuring a sustainability project meets a tighter than tight deadline.

For times such as these, please get in touch! I can support your sustainability projects and be an extra, short term team member without the related overheads.

To understand more about the different ways we can work together, find out how I can help.

I occasionally post my thoughts on a range of environmental topics, mainly geared towards the ‘non-greenie’ audience, covering issues that are of interest to me on a professional or personal level.

“An experienced sustainability professional, I thrive on variety, enjoy working with different people and love a challenge. I hope we can work together soon!”



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