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Fairphone: the smartphone for smart people

Scary fact of the day: did you know there are more mobile phones in the world than people? This piece was inspired by a recent Facebook post where I wrote about compostible phone cases (it's the Pela Case, in case you're interested). As part of my research, I had come across the Fairphone, which to me was a thing... Continue Reading →

Where do you stand on fracking?

"What is fracking? You know those scenes in films when junkies scratch around the house looking everywhere for one last tiny rock of heroin, find it, take it, and are found dead the next day? That's fracking." (From Sounds nice, right? Did you know you are probably supporting fracking right now through your current... Continue Reading →

Plastic-free June — how did I do?

Did you know that the Marine Conservation Society recently set a challenge for a plastic-free June? After the thought-provoking Raw Foundation event I attended and wrote about, I was inspired to redouble my efforts at reducing the amount of plastics I bought and so gave it a go this last month. The result? It was tough,... Continue Reading →

And… breathe.

  I'm very lucky. I've just got back from a glorious 10 day holiday where my family and I plus a group of friends were able to kick back, relax and soak up the sunshine in the French countryside. The kids tired themselves out in the gîte’s pool and playground (result), in between spotting a... Continue Reading →

The pressing need to be “Plastic Clever”

Did you know that 80% of plastic in our oceans originates from the land? On Wednesday 31st May, I attended Raw Foundation's event: Plastic - From Source To Solution at the Royal Geographical Society in London. It was a packed event with a fantastic panel, led by Melinda Watson, the organisation's founder. In 2016, Melinda... Continue Reading →

Trump bids ‘adieu’ to us all

  You may have heard this week about Donald Trump's incredibly disappointing decision to come out of the Paris Agreement, the global accord for nations to reduce their carbon emissions year on year in a bid to keep the earth's temperature rise to within two degrees. The Agreement itself was a huge landmark when it... Continue Reading →

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