Sustainability services

How can I support you and your business?

I have fantastic experience within the sustainability sector covering a range of areas across the CSR spectrum, including energy efficient technologies, renewables and financing, low carbon buildings and assessment methodologies, ethical trade and social impact.

Work I can help you with include:
  • Sustainability strategy planning
    • Do you need help in understanding where to focus your efforts, whether is investing in energy efficiency or becoming a more ethical company? Whether you are starting from scratch or some way along your sustainability journey, I can help get you to the next stage.
  • Project management
    • Do you have a sustainability project that requires someone to pull all the strings together and keep it on track?
  • Sustainability communications
    • Do you require support in writing your CSR report, communicating your sustainability successes or keeping your key stakeholders updated?
  • Editing and proofreading
    • Have you got sustainability reports, blogs or think pieces that need a professional eye to pick up errors or finesse? (Please note I am a grammar and spelling pedant!)
  • Bespoke research
    • Do you have a need to find out what’s happening in the world of CSR, how you compare to your peers environmentally, or what the next widget made from recycled coffee is? I’m you’re woman – I love nosing around the web seeking out ethical topics. 

Equally, if you’re going through a recruitment process for a new team member, I can fill any gaps in your team on a short term basis until you have someone permanent in situ.

But I’m pretty sure this isn’t all.

I have a range of skills I could apply to your project needs, just get in touch to find out more.


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