Where do you stand on fracking?

“What is fracking?

You know those scenes in films when junkies scratch around the house looking everywhere for one last tiny rock of heroin, find it, take it, and are found dead the next day? That’s fracking.”

(From UnFrack.me)

Sounds nice, right?

Did you know you are probably supporting fracking right now through your current energy provider? No – me neither.

I’ve been pretty swamped recently with work and personal commitments that my to do list has been growing steadily with not much being struck off it. One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for ages is to switch from my gas and electricity suppliers to a provider that uses only renewable energy. But it’s one of those tasks that tends to sit there forever, like changing bank accounts or mobile phone companies: you know it’s supposed to be easy, but – ugh, ya know – there’s always something less taxing to be doing at the end of the day. Like having a G&T or watching “First Dates“.

However, I happened across these guys recently — unfrack.me — and wanted to share their details with you as they make it SO EASY to find a renewable energy and green gas provider who doesn’t support fracking.

(If you’re not sure what fracking entails and why it’s not so great for the environment, this is quite a nifty, recent article.)

Why should you bother? Aside from it potentially being cheaper for you by lowering your energy bills, the more people that invest in cleaner, alternative energy generation, the better it will become.

UnFrack.me say it best though:

“Why should I care?

Because every penny spent on fracking makes the problem worse, and isn’t spent on green energy which would make the problem better. It will also help melt the permafrost triggering massive methane release, poison water supplies, and make selfish sociopaths very rich.”

(From UnFrack.me)

So if you’re interested in telling the Big 6 to “frack off” (sorry, kind of duty bound to coin that phrase), then join me in switching over to a cleaner, more ethical way of keeping the lights on (and Fred the “First Dates” maître d’ on your telly, if you’re so inclined).

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